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The Petite Pet Pills Collection
of How-To Videos
Take a look at these great resources, from how to brush your dog's teeth to walking your dog on a loose leash. We are always adding so check back frequently.
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How To Brush Your Dog's Teeth

This great video shows exactly how to brush your dog's teeth and there are four dogs each with different experience levels with tooth brushing.
Thank you Jeanie Colemen - pet owners everywhere are grateful.
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How To Walk Your Dog on a Loose Leash

From London Dog Listener  - Here are the main steps to getting your dog to change his mind about pulling, and charging ahead when you go on a walk. The trick: Getting your dog to follow you, instead of the dog trying to take the lead.  Patience and some time are all it takes. No choke, or shock collars, just a pocket of treats and control over distractions.

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Can I Give My Dog Fish Oil Capsules?   

This video shows just how fast any small dog can take this small Packenzie Petite Omega 3™ Fish Oil Capsule. It's simply toss and watch them gobble it up.
No fuss at all.
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How to Give a Cat a Pill.   

Enjoy this pretty easy explanation on giving a pill to a cat. This technique needs needs two people. We've been able to handle our cat with one person, but requires the "whole body" strategy. 

Try giving your cat a treat after the pilling and some water. ( To help the pill go into the stomach faster) A treat is something to look forward to after the pilling. I'm sure that if you need to give your cat a pill everyday, your cat will start hiding from you, and the treat bribe might get the cat to stick around.

If you need to give your cat a pill everyday, try Pill Pockets for cats. When that looses it's charm, then try rolling the Pill Pocket in a crushed Temptations treat. When that does not work any more, try using Pill Pockets for Dogs with your cat. The aroma and the oils from the dog version seems to be more intense and our cat loves it right now. We just pinch off the portion we don't need and save it.  

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I just gave it to Fiji and she ate it just like that!
        Jeanie - San Jose

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         Dirk - Sunnyvale