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Survey Page

We have a survey for several different things going on at the moment. We are looking at cool new products that our customers want and to get that - we are asking our customers!

To better understand how we can serve you  better, we are looking into Cat UTI management solutions, Dog UTI management solutions, Constipation, and Diarrhea.

As friends tell me: In the end; it all comes down to the bottom doesn't it?

Dr Jack Petite Pet Pills

If you wish, you can enter your email address after submitting your survey answers and win one of several prizes: 1 free bottle of Packenzie Pet Omega 3, or a $10.00 Starbucks card, or a $10.00 Target card. We will pool all the email addresses submitted and select One at random. If you are the lucky winner, we will contact you about getting your prize shipped off as soon as possible.

We will contact the winner as soon as our survey is complete. We are anticipating November 30th.

Thank you for your participation and Good Luck!

The Cat UTI Survey

Does your cat suffer from chronic UTI problems? If yes, please indicate how you usually remedy the situation:

Did the Vet recommend changing the cat's diet?

If you don't mind, could you tell us the name of the pet food recommended ( as best as you can remember )

If you used supplements - please indicate which ones you use and feel most comfortable using:

If You used supplements - how did you decide to use them?

If you did use the supplements and they worked out - did you like them as a system? ( each used separately but all working together) or as an all in one solution?

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the Supplements used? Good, Bad, Great?
If you could make a recommendation to a Supplement Manufacturer, about Feline UTI what would you ask for?
We sincerely thank you for your input and we look forward to pulling the winner's email address !
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