One Not So Small Cat and How He Changed Everything

What’s the story with Packenzie Petite Omega 3?
To understand this entire journey, the search, and the product we need to go back to ’07
I was holding Mac, our cat, in my arms while watching TV ( and it’s not like I still don’t hold him, but this is how the whole thing went down.) He sneezed, coughed, and blood shot onto my arm.

Needless to say, we immediately flew into emergency mode.  The assumption was that he had a foxtail lodged up in his nasal passages, or that he had swallowed something sharp.
We got him to the closest after hours Pet emergency clinic in our area, and it was still a 20 minute drive. Don’t get me wrong, we’re lucky to have two. During the whole, cat medical emergency episode, I learned that many places don’t even have one.
Mac got examined and X-rayed and the verdict came back, that he didn’t have anything embedded; nothing was there, but Mac was still having trouble like something was blocking his nose and he was still bleeding.
The next few days took us from our local vet, to the specialist in the area, with more X-Rays, exams, antibiotics and finally a CT scan, ( Yes, ahem  – a CAT scan).  The bills were mounting up.
The specialist came back with the results. Mac had a severe build up of puss, fluid and material in his right sinus, and it was invading his inner ear.

We talked about the fact that Mac had been one of those upper-respiratory infection kitties when he was just under two months old. We found him in the parking lot of our shop; his eyes were swollen shut, he reeked, and he was running into stuff.
It seemed impossible that the kitten hood illness was still lingering; he had been pumped full of antibiotics and had recovered to grow into a 16 pound brown tabby. The doctor told us flat out, that the only way to cure Mac, would be to operate.
This was not good news, as we didn’t carry pet health insurance. Mac’s expenses so far had just hit the semi-unspoken vet budget limit. We looked at each other and told the Doctor that we needed to talk.
next post – a fateful decision

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