7 Tips for Small Dog Exercises

running with small dog

Is Biking With Your Small Dog a Good Idea?

Most would agree: only if the petite pooch rides in the basket.

A friend told me she saw a man riding his bike on an 8 lane expressway, towing along his poor Cocker Spaniel who was trying to keep up.


By the time, She could turn around and go back, he was gone. She didn’t know if she should call the police. She was confused about what was legally allowed, but was deeply disturbed by the incident.

Small Legs, Cannot Keep Up.

The man may not realize that with shorter legs and less deep lung capacity running next to a bike could quickly overheat and dehydrate a small dog. Not to mention many small dog breeds have problems with luxating patellas, hip formation or the even nastier Legg Perthes Disease.


I thought that maybe it would be good idea to post what is probably a better set of activities for small dogs:


7 tips on exercising your small dog.


  1. A quick walk
  2. A game of fetch ( on grass or a soft surface like dirt or carpet)
  3. A small jog
  4. A quick game of frisbee ( again on a soft surface, no concrete)
  5. Small dog play date or small dog park visit
  6. Search game: hide one or two treats or a favorite toy in a room.
  7. Hide and seek with you.


Please share more ideas and pass this along.

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