A Dirty Little Secret

 phone to find Packenzie Petite Omega 3A hard to find item.

I work in a business where we constantly are looking at vendors, and production resources, so I started digging on my own. I thought that if the Derm Cap 10′s could be done, it could be done again.

I  located several labs and sent them what was listed on the label of the Derm Cap 10s. All of my contacts sent back angry emails telling me that this product I wanted was impossible. There was literally not enough real estate in the 345 mg space for all the things that needed to go in it. They would have nothing to do with it.

I discovered that forums with previous customers of Derm Caps 10′s were talking about the legal trouble that Derm Cap had run into on this one product.

I concluded that they just let it go off the market and they would never address it again.

There was this gap in the market. Was this an opportunity?

We talked it over and decided that we could take it one step at a time. First, see if there was something I could get and it had to be high quality. With really nothing to lose but time, I went to work.

With more digging and more research, I finally was able to get something. It took several months, but the best solution turned out to be this perfect sized Omega 3 that looked like it would be a good fit. I ordered samples and then tested them out on us ( my husband and myself ) and then we tried them on Mac.  ( How’s that for reverse product testing? )

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wants some omega 3

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