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The new fish oil pill was working. It was easy for Mac to swallow. He could take his Omega 3, and he actually seemed to be doing better on it than with the other products, mainly because he was actually getting his Omega 3 without the struggle or the drama. We had a routine; it was easy and predictable and so he was getting his dosage every day.

The result; his fur looked great, even better than with the original product. He had been acting a little gimpy before, but now was running around with his female house mate, Padamay like he was a kitten again. Most importantly,  his sinus problem never reared it’s ugly head. It was a success.

A success, but now what? Surly other people would be looking to get the replacement product for the Derm Cap 10′s like we did. Or even owners that were struggling  with the mislabeled Omega 3′s on the market  – they wanted and deserved something better, didn’t they?

We decided to take another step, do a minimum order, design a label, get a website ready. In other words, do the doable. This had been good for Mac – it would be good for other people and pets.

With that realization,  Packenzie Petite Omega 3 Softgels™ were brought into the world. We decided to call the product Packenzie™ after Mac, as his full name is Mac Packenzie.

The really great thing about Packenzie™, is that it does not exist anywhere in the world. Mac Packenzie is truly unique and one of a kind and that is what we hope this product is.

Now when Mac takes his medicine, he gets it from his very own labeled bottle. It’s thrilling to see on the kitchen counter and it sits right next to the old original Derm Cap 10s as a reminder of what can happen when opportunity presents itself.

With orders going out and business picking up, we started to see something interesting. The Packenzie Petite Omega 3™ was being ordered by more dog owners than cat owners. As it turns out, for small dog owners the Packenzie Petite Omega 3™ is an absolute no brainer. Customers told us, that you can actually just put the Packenzie™ softgel on the ground, call the dog over, and they gobble it up as if it were a treat. Absolutely, no fuss, no cutting,  no disguising,  A totally stress free solution.

One customer even gave us a video shot off her iPhone showing how her dog just gobbles it up. So we are using that actual footage on our website as our demonstration video. (Click here if you wish to see it. ) We put titles on it and music – but that’s all 100% by our customer and her dog Fuji. We like it so much that we are even thinking about doing a contest in the future.

Tell us what you think!skin and coat supplement for cats and small dogs

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  1. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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