Pooches at the Polls


Pooches at the polls or even Pooches of the United States and it’s still amazingly:  POTUS! Yes, even our furry friends get to take part in this civic duty. The Wall Street Journal has provided a picture slideshow just for …

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Saving a Pet Might Just Save Your Life


courtesy of Carlton Hobbs Antiques

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FDA: Are Pet Owners Out of Luck?


Who will take a stand for Pet Parents? Senator Sherrod Brown of (D-Ohio) made a move on behalf of Pet Owners in Ohio and across the nation, by urging the FDA to take quick action regarding tainted chicken jerky treats …

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A Hero for Honey: End Pitbull Fighting, Humane Society


Video: A Hero for Honey. End PitBull Fighting – Humane Society of the United States (sent to us by Modern Dog Magazine ) Dear Friend, I’ve seen a lot while rescuing animals. One dog stays with me: Honey. Honey was …

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Puss in Boots For Christmas


Only 26 Days until Christmas and to help things along with Cyber Monday and the first week of shopping after Thanksgiving – I present : Puss in Boots (Shrek – Disney/Dreamworks) extolling the tales of Santa Claws! Enjoy!

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New Purina Pet Food Commercial Aims Directly at Dogs – Yahoo! News


First it was the kids – and now it’s your pet. See how advertisers are marketing directly to your dog. Now only if they would grab the car keys and pick up their kibble after dropping off the dry cleaning: …

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Can I Give my Cat Fish Oil?


Can I Give my Cat Fish Oil? I get asked this question when ever someone finds out what I do for a living. The answer is absolutely – Yes! Fish oil and cats go together like  – well, like bread …

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Ad Campaign and Pet Omega 3 Discount!


  I’m so excited to tell  you about our new advertising campaign to kick off the upgraded look of the website. We are on Modern Dog Magazine and we are on Chihuahua People Forum. Both are great internet venues – …

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One Not So Small Cat and How He Changed Everything


What’s the story with Packenzie Petite Omega 3? To understand this entire journey, the search, and the product we need to go back to ’07 I was holding Mac, our cat, in my arms while watching TV ( and it’s …

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