Confirmed Death in Chicken Jerky Treats

deadly chicken jerky treats

Warning on Tainted Chicken Jerky Treats

NBC Bay Area released a report showing how a dog died within 48 hours of eating contaminated Chicken Jerky Treats. All four of the woman’s dogs became ill but unfortunately Cali, a rambunctious shepherd mix didn’t make it through the ordeal.
The report issued after autopsy describes “rupture of the stomach at the cardia (esophageal-gastric junction)…” and goes on further to describe; “stomach wall is a dark blue-red in color, compatible with marked diffuse mural congestion and hemorrhage…”

According to the report, Cali had been admitted to the vets after consuming “Milo’s brand chicken jerky treats” followed by lethargy, food avoidance, then vomiting. After undergoing treatment to relieve symptoms, Cali was released, tried eating that night, but began vomiting again, by the next day she was dead.

Owner Rachael Chambers knows that Cali died after her stomach twisted, ruptured and exploded, a particularly cruel and violent death.

List of Brands with the most complaints:

NBC Bay Area has gathered a list of brands with the most complaints – here is their infographic and link to the whole story.

death of dogs chicken jerky treats

There are no FDA warnings posted next to these products and they are still sold nation wide in all major pet stores and grocery stores.

Take Action:

If you are a concerned as we are about the continued negligence and lack of safety controls over what our pets eat – please sign and circulate this petition to anyone who is a concerned pet parent. As we have seen, the FDA will take no action until pressured and obviously there has not been enough pressure from the public for them to do anything against large multinational corporations.

family dog poisoned by tainted chicken jerky treats

FYI  one of the companies on the NBC list: Kingdom Pets, posted that they also contract with the same company in China that makes KFC China and McDonalds China — the same food that people eat, but obviously is not regulated by the US FDA.

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  1. KG Thomas says:

    Be sure to sign and circulate the petition that was started by Rachael Chambers. Please help save lives and this unnecessary cruelty.

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