Cute Cat Fix : 2 videos to watch now


It’s an Explosion of Cat Cuteness!

I came upon this video and have been sharing it by email with friends and family. One family member liked it so much, I showed it to her 5 times on my iPhone.  It’s an Explosion of Cat Cuteness!

It’s almost like the little guy has learned some kind of secret cat sign language that says: “Come on, Mom, Give me some more food!”

**Warning: don’t show to your other cats.** lest they start doing this too and you’ll be dazed into giving all the food they cry for.

Paws up and down. Paws up and down. Pour, pour, pour.

Of course, if you look carefully, his bowl is completely full already. He’s taking after our big ol’ boy Mac for sure.

Explosion of Cat Cuteness 2

And the encore:    the famous sleeping kitten video that was featured in the data plan commercial.

Watch and repeat. Then smile. It’s so good to get an instant mood lifter. Better than sweets!

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