Are Fats and Oils Good For Your Dog’s Health?

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Are Fats and Oils Good For Your Dog’s Health?

We think this is a great question and good blog post, but is their an ulterior motive by PetMD? Read on and Find out. FYI: the original article is found here:

or click on this link: PetMD  – Are Fats and Oils good for your dog’s health?


Overall the article is well written, easy to understand and concise. It delivers exactly what the title suggests and the answer to the questions:  Fats and Oils: Good for your dog’s health?
To sum it up, yes, the right kind of fats are very good for  your dog’s health. Specifically fats that are Omega 3 and Omega 6 are cited.

Too Much of a Good Thing? Omega 6

As you might have guessed by the blog posts on Petite Pet Pills, we believe that most dogs and cats  get too much Omega 6 in their diet and little of the essential fatty acids from Omega 3.

Though the article does not state this, there is an underlying logic to our argument we would like to point out that is embedded in the article.

The Best Kind of Omega 3 for Dogs and Cats

The very end of the article noting common sources of Fats/ Oils  – which are of course the sources for Omega 3 and Omega 6. Omega 3 comes from fish oils, (herring, salmon, etc. )  *and just to note that Salmon is an exceptionally good source of Omega 3. The article also lists plant sources: flaxseed and canola oils.  We would like to correct this and point out that what animals need, especially dogs and cats is DHA and EPA and this only comes from an animal based source and a fish source like salmon has a very high ratio source of these particular types of essential fatty acids. Plants on the other hand contain an omega 3 derived from ALA and cats and dogs do not have the ability to convert this fatty acid into the kind of Omega 3 they can use.

The Omega 6 and Chicken Link

Concerning Omega 6, which is derived from sources like pork, chicken fat, safflower, sunflower, corn and soybean oils have actually been linked to food allergies in dogs. It would seem likely that the over abundance of Omega 6 is the likely culprit, and the source food is a cost effective bulk food base for pet food manufacturers.  It is an important to note that PetMD has a vested interest to support the value of Omega 6 because they are either the sponsor or they are affiliated with this pet food company: Hills Science Diet. We have customers who have told us, that the solution to their dogs itchy skin has been to completely avoid foods with chicken, and corn and pork. Interesting isn’t it?

Omega 3 and Better Health

Why would Omega 6 have this affect while Omega 3 seems to “cure” itchy, irritated skin. The answer lies in the way skin and tissue cells build themselves, and if Omega 3 is not available, it will seek the next best thing which is Omega 6. Omega 6 can  cause tissue to be prone to inflammation but if there is enough Omega 3, the body will use this source to help build new cells and there will be little to no inflammation. The amazing thing about Omega 3 is in it’s property to be the better building block for cell creation, it does not suppress inflammation like a steroid treatment, it is the best and most natural way to create a healthier life for us and our pets.

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Now our pitch ( and we like to be completely up front about what we are promoting) If you think your dog or cat needs to get an Omega 3, we would like you to consider Packenzie Petite Pet Omega 3 Salmon Oil Softgels. It’s a small, easy to swallow 500 mg oval capsule and most dogs take it in 10 seconds or less without having to disguise the pill, or cut it. Cats are a little more of a challenge, but we have customers who have told us that their cats are now taking the Packenzie Omega 3 inside a Pill Pocket ( it’s that small and convenient).

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Let us know your thoughts!


The Staff

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