How Much Fish Oil for Puppies?

fish oil for puppies how muchHow Much Fish Oil for Puppies?

Luckily this is more a factor of weight than age. Fish oil is safe and actually recommended for puppies to take as early as possible. A good rule of thumb is the age they can be safely adopted out to a new home (which is typically around 8-12 weeks for most, and a little longer for small breed dogs at around 12 weeks.)  The key is to safely evaluate how soon they can handle solid food.


With a small dog or puppy a 500 mg sized softgel (which is half the size of what is available on the market ) with about 100 mg of essential fatty acids is best for weights ranging from 10-15 lbs and under.  The important factor is a smaller fish oil pill for dogs, puppies ( and cats),  because it is easy to swallow, and usually can be given to small dogs and puppies without having to cut, or disguise it.

Most puppies and small dogs take this size pill as if it was a treat. Simply place in their food bowl or toss the softgel to your pet and they just gobble it down.



Benefits of Fish Oil 


Puppies share the same benefits  as adult  dogs, with a few added bonuses. The DHA in Omega 3 helps brain development, and with a puppy and their fast life change stages, this is critically important.  Omega 3 from fish oil also helps the immature sebaceous glands of the puppy moisten and protect sensitive skin, along with growing a healthy lustrous coat.


Puppies’ oil glands are still maturing and often experience dryer than normal skin up to 6 months old; colder weather can make this more of a problem. So it’s always a good idea to supplement regular food with a fish oil capsule.

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An Easy to Order Source

To find out more information on an Easy to Swallow Fish Oil Pill for Puppies and Small Dogs  ( and Cats too! )  please click on the link for the Packenzie Petite Pet Omega 3™.  You’ll be taken to the store website for a fast ordering and check out.


Our regular bottle is $14.99 ea  ($4.89) flat rate shipping


And our 2 Pack Discount is $25.98 with free shipping. ( that’s $12.99 ea)


Please use our discount code:  2PUPPY  

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Our Pet Omega 3 for Cats, Puppies and Small Dogs is certified pure, ships immediately or by the next business day and usually takes 3-4 days to get across the US.


We ship all across the Nation and we even give this pill to our own cat, Mac (15 lbs)  who suffers from an inner ear problem and needs fish oil to help regulate excess keratin production.


We developed the Packenzie Petite Pet Omega 3™ when the Derm Caps 10′s Petite for Cats and Miniature Breeds went off the market.  Our product is the smallest fish oil pill for pets. 

skin and coat supplement for cats and small dogs


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