How To Brush a Cat’s Teeth

how to brush a cat's teethHow To Brush a Cat’s Teeth.

We found a Great Video from Veterinarian Laura Levan on how to brush a cat’s teeth. Not only does she show how to take care of one cat, she goes immediately to a second cat, demonstrating how fast this process can be.

Research shows that cats start getting periodontal disease shortly around three years old and can lead to tooth decay with cavities, tooth loss and infection.

We are finding out today just how easy it is to think that your cat is fine. Our cat, Mac is officially thirteen years old as of this September and it was discovered a week ago that he had an inflamed gum line, that indicated there was some mischief lurking in that tooth.

Today was Mac’s dental appointment with general anesthesia and it was discovered that not only was this tooth a problem there were 10 more. After conferring with the vet, we decided for Mac’s sake to take out 6 and leave the rest and see how it goes. Four of the teeth had minor problems and since adult cats only have 30 teeth, ten would have been a third gone in one day.

We are going to start brushing both our cat’s teeth and it can be a fairly simple process as shown in this video.

Let us know what you think and what your experiences with feline dentistry have been.

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