It’s a Hard Luck Life, but not any more for Sunny

Pedigree adoption star is Sunny

Sunny had only 48 hours to live in a Nashville animal shelter.She also had a nasty abrasion on her back right paw, something that might have discouraged some prospective owners, but not the producers of “Annie”.

Teams from the Broadway production, sent to scour certain shelters in Indiana, Nashville, and Houston, spotted Sunny and sent the producer her pictures and information. The order: “Save her.”

Good thing they did as Sunny turned out to not only have the right look and temperament, she was comfortable walking on her back legs.

So Sunny is going to dance in the upcoming Broadway production.

These days, Sunny is in an upper West Side apartment in New York and working hard to get ready for her new role.

Sunny’s story is inspiring and unusual, but there is a common thread that Sunny shares with past canine stars of “Annie”  – all were adopted from shelters.

Now Pedigree has teamed with “Annie” to help more than just the one rare dog have their day, for each “Annie” ticket sold through to the end of next year, Pedigree will donate $2.00 up to $1 million for a special fund to help more dogs like Sunny find homes.

Its a hard luck life, but better if you are sunny

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