Mac and Our Fateful Decision

We knew we could not really afford this operation. We didn’t have insurance, but this was our best-bud. Mac was a cat with a devilish sense of humor and was considered by our family as an old soul. So we plunked down our plastic and went with it.Cat surgery, Pet Health, Pet supplements
They drilled two holes in his head, one over his right eye and the other under the base of the skull below his ear. They drained his ear and “scooped” out the gunk. I can’t really begin to even understand how crazy an operation like this would be for an animal with a skull no bigger than 4-5 inches. We were warned of possible nerve damage to his eye, as a controlling nerve was embedded in the area that they had to drill through.
The next day we picked him up and as they warned me, his right eye was a bit off kilter. It was dilated bigger, and his inner membrane was covering part of it. His eye would not focus, but all in all, everything had gone well.
After a month of heavy antibiotics, and medications, Mac was pronounced healthy by our local vet. Even his eye was doing better. It was starting to resemble his better eye, more and more every day.
The most fascinating thing about the whole episode was that the doctor showed us all his lab results and told us, that the underlying infection was never caused by bacteria. Mac had simply made too much keratin and this excessive buildup, triggered  the reaction by his body.After the surgery
We all looked at each other. I asked the question: How do we prevent this from happening again?

—- next post, the story of Omega 3

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