Pedialyte for Dogs

panting dog too hot

With record temperatures hitting more areas of the Nation this summer, it’s important for both humans and pets to make sure they are getting enough hydration.

Often the family dog can be overlooked when thinking about heat problems.  If your dog seems to be dehydrated you can give them Pedialyte ( normally for babies).

Unflavored Pedialyte can restore the proper balance of electrolytes and glucose levels that will help the cells absorb and keep water.

Follow the directions on the bottle for dosage amount per lb. It will be the same for as recommended for children.

You can also dilute the Pedialyte with a 50/50 portion with water. Remember not to mix any other type of drink with the Pedialyte except for water only. Most beverages that people drink have too much sugar or has also been spiked with caffeine so that is definitely out as a hydration solution for dogs (or cats for that matter).

If you think your dog has heatstroke. Please contact your Vet Emergency Services immediately. Heatstroke is the dangerous elevation of the core body temperature and must be reduced immediately and safely in order to prevent loss of vital organ functions.

Heatstroke symptoms can include:

  • unanticipated restlessness
  • fluctuating panting
  • excessive drooling
  • foaming at the mouth
  • dry tacky gums
  • labored / difficult breathing
  • agitation
  • whining, barking, or other anxiety behaviors

As a reminder, do not leave your pet in the car, even for 10 minutes and even in the shade. If you need to stop to get something at the store, please plan out another solution so your dog or cat is never left in the car, for any reason.

Also – do not leave your pet in the full sun. Always provide plenty of shade, water and fresh air.

See this link for Dog Heat Stroke and more information about Pedialyte for Dogs


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  2. melaney says:

    This works and it’s a good option if your dog becomes dehydrated from having too much fun – or from a hot day. They are just like us and need potassium, sodium and chloride. Great work!

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