Review by Woorank is Wrong

Hi All,

The Petite Pet Pills Woorank review is wrong.

This is a lesson in web 101  and how a company that advertises itself to be a free service can actually harm your business. I was told by a friend that a great way to get feedback on your website was to run your url through Woorank. I did that and got some useful information. What I didn’t expect was to get a 2 star rating that will come up on the search results for my website name. It comes up on the first page and it looks like a review for the business. Incredibly misleading as it’s actually the Woorank analysis of the website. It gives low scores to all kinds of other sites too like Amazon, and Google, but you’ll never see the star rating because there’s too much content from those sites.

Now I have a problem with a 2 star rating that shows up on the first page of search results for my business and people think it’s about the service or the product when it’s not.

I can only surmise that the only way to fix this 2 star rating is to pay a fee to Woorank, and in my opinion – that’s wrong.

Please give a positive review for Petite Pet Pills – don’t let Woorank destroy a good business with their underhanded tactics. And please – don’t put your url in their ranking tool.

Comments welcome and let me know if you have had the same problem.



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