Puppy with dry skin

puppy dry skin

Puppy with dry skin


Why does my puppy have dry skin?

Since we know that fish oil is a great solution for puppies with dry skin, we often get asked this question.


It is common for puppies to have dry skin, indicated by the presence of small dandruff flakes and some scratching. Fortunately this problem is often not a symptom of something more serious to the health of the puppy, and most puppies with dry skin respond well to straightforward remedies.


Puppy’s Skin: Symptoms

The most obvious result of dry skin in puppies is dandruff, and it’s usually very easy to spot in dogs with dark colored fur. The small flakes seem most evident on the puppy’s back, neck and base of tail. The puppy may also scratch at these areas and lose some fur.



According to certain Vets, the glands in the skin ( sebaceous) that produce natural oils that lubricate and protect the puppy’s skin and coat, are usually underproducing in puppies less than six months old. As the puppy matures, this condition will eventually correct and the glands will start to produce enough oils for lubrication and protection.


Other causes can be environmental – dry air, and cold temperatures. Also dogs can have skin allergies just like people, and flaking skin can also be caused by fleas, and other not so pleasant parasites.


If you suspect something more serious – please consult your veterinarian, otherwise, solutions to this problem are very easy to take action on today.


One Solution: Brushing 

A simple solution that also forms emotional bonds to you and your pet is brushing.   A nice soft brush will release and spread oils throughout the entire coat and the added benefit will be the grooming bond that your puppy will associate with you. Your puppy will also get used to grooming and will be happy to receive this kind of attention later.


Fish Oil Benefits


An Omega 3 added into your puppies diet is a great  general boost to your puppies oil glands and skin and coat as a whole. The added benefit is the brain development boost that  EPA and DHA essential fatty acids in fish oil provides ( especially DHA ). It’s important to note that an Omega 3 derived from a fish oil is going to be more readily utilized by your puppies metabolism than one sourced from plants like flax seed.


Something that is also important to note is that most dry dog and puppy foods may not have adequate amounts of Omega 3 or an Omega 3 drawn from an animal source like fish – so supplementation with a fish oil softgel is common.


A small, easy to swallow fish oil pill will be easy to administer as well, since all that will be needed is to simply toss the pill into their food bowl with their meal and your puppy will gobble it down thinking it’s a treat.


We have noticed that a lot of puppy forums talk about this exact scenario and most owners rely on giving their puppy a fish oil softgel along with the meal. Many find it to be a perfect  “go-to” solution for their new puppies.


To Find out more information – see our recent article:

How Much Fish Oil for Puppies?

Easy to Order Source:

Of course, we offer a pure salmon fish oil pill that is very easy for a puppy to swallow whole without having to cut or fuss with it. Some puppies may need peanut butter or a greenies pill pocket to convince them that this is a treat, but from our experience it’s usually not necessary. The links below will take you to our store website for fast ordering and checkout.

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