Under 10 lbs? Omega 3 for Dogs & Cats

Petite Pet Omega 3Under 10 lbs?  Omega 3 for Dogs & Cats.

Ok – so what is so important about making sure to give a cat or dog an omega 3 supplement that’s small if they are small (under 10 lbs )?

Well we have restrictions on not giving kids dosages that are for adults – that seems reasonable and smart. But kids and pets are hardly an equivalent ( at least to most people, but we don’t have children unfortunately  – so our two slightly over plump cats are our substitute kids – sad but true. )

But here’s something you may not know, Most over the counter natural Pet supplements are really made for the Adult Human population – they are just re-marketed and relabeled to work for pets.

So I ask you – would you give your 8 lb Chihuahua the same dosage that the Neutraceutical industry prescribes for the average adult male in the U.S. – meaning,  190 lbs and about 5’10″?

That doesn’t make sense to me, and I’m sure it doesn’t to you.

So that’s why we believe so strongly in giving the right size dosage to our small 4 legged friends.

And remember, they can’t tell you if they feel a little “off” from downing a 1000 mg portion of Omega 3.  Their natural instinct is too keep going and going, until it doesn’t work anymore, this is especially true of cats, and male cats in particular; they are less likely to show discomfort or pain as that is a sign of weakness, because cats are big on picking up subtle cues.

Fortunately, most agree that the worst that would happen with too much Omega 3 is diarrhea, or gas, but who wants that? Especially the pet!

Our philosophy; keep it simple and keep it small.  A more comfortable, vital and healthy  life for everyone is what we all want.

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