Valentine Dog – Unique Quadrilateral Creation

Unique Dog  Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year


One of a Kind Dog Creation

I hope some of you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, because then you can check out this very unique store in Campbell, California featuring a unique invention. This store just opened 4 days ago, so it’s all brand – brand new. If you love lighting, like I love lighting, you’ll go crazy for these lamps.

Modern Design

They are hand made, of a patented shape and process; plastic quadrilateral sections that can be hooked together to make all kinds of amazing shapes. If you have seen designer lamps in In Design and in Modern Furniture stores, that’s what this store:  Kaleido Lamps specializes in, but for a fraction of the cost. Instead of paying $600 and up, these lamps are available between $49.00 to $130.00.   Very reasonable, very unique and very modern.

Amazing Light

What is essentially really important about the plastic is that it offers a very beautiful soft luminous glow to the room and the affect of the type of material used and the unique swirl locking pieces makes the lamp look like a work of art.

Custom Made

So what does this have to do with a dog? Well, on display by the counter was a one of a kind dog creation made from these quadrilateral sections and I asked if I could purchase it. It’s too small to fit a light, but Tan Le, the owner and creator of Kaleido Lamps indicated that he could make a bigger one that could have a light put inside of it.

So If you love dogs and think a dog light would be an amazing addition to your home or office or as a gift, please give Tan a call ( this might be The Item for a Valentines Day gift so talk to him right away as he will need to make it.)

The special dog that I purchased is white and with red accents and looks like he’s ready for Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year all at once!

He also has heart shapes in the store right now, so hurry before they run out.



Kaleido Lamps
197 E. Campbell Ave
Campbell CA 95008
Owner  Tan Le
Hours:   Mon-Sat 10:00 AM-9:00 PM, Sunday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM


Best Regards,

Karen  - and the Staff of Petite Pet Pills


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