Fetch Club – Posh Play for Pets


Canine Fitness Picture your dog running on a pooch sized treadmill or balancing on a ball, or working with weights. All with attentive trainers and super cool interiors that would be suitable for people and you have a New York …

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Lycopene for dogs, cats


Lycopene: What is it? What’s in it for Pets? Lycopene is similar to Lutein in that it is a cartenoid (pigment) but Lycopene comes from tomatoes. It’s currently being explored as a way to help combat Osteosarcoma in cat and …

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Derm Caps 10s for Dogs is Gone: Packenzie Petite Omega 3 Substitute


Derm Caps 10′s Discontinued. Where is the Substitute? If you’ve been looking for a small sized Omega 3 for your cat or small dog, you have found it. It’s the Packenzie Petite Omega 3 Salmon fish oil softgel for cats …

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Chihuahua Dry Skin


Chihuahua has Dry Skin Your Chihuahua has dry skin and you may have not even realized it until your trip to the vet. There might have been some some flaking, and your pet may have been licking or scratching a …

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How Much Fish Oil for Small Dogs


How Much Fish Oil for Your Small Dog? You have a Chihuahua, Shih-Tzu, Yorkie, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle, Maltese or any of the amazing small dog breeds that tend not to go over 10 lbs, but you have a problem, and …

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Music Video Shot By Dog


Johny Neon “Hearts” music video is filmed by Dog. This from PupStyle blog:   Asked to dog-sit a friend’s German Shepherd by the name of Lemon, Dave Meinert created what amounts to Lemon-Music-Aid. This bouncy video will get you thinking that …

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Dog Skin Problems and Itching


Dog Skin Problems and Itching A glossy, full coat of fur is a sign of good health in your dog. Dull, brittle, dry fur or flaking skin can be a sign of a simple problem or a more serious concern. …

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Why Fresh Water for Cats is So Important


Fresh Water For Cats: Why it’s so Important You may have noticed your cat will drink water out of the faucet, the hose, the toilet, the planter outside or even the gutter, but will not drink water from his bowl. …

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7 Tips for Small Dog Exercises


Is Biking With Your Small Dog a Good Idea? Most would agree: only if the petite pooch rides in the basket. A friend told me she saw a man riding his bike on an 8 lane expressway, towing along his poor …

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A Crow’s Life is Owed to Animal Rescue Organizations


  A Crow’s Life Saturday morning, I looked out the window to see an unusual sight;  a crow walking across our backyard lawn. It’s unusual because our fruit trees hem in the lawn and create a very tight spot for …

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