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Packenzie Petite Omega 3 Pets 2 Pack

One day back in 2007 a cat by the name of Mac became seriously ill and needed an operation that would require having two holes drilled in his head. As you can probably guess, this operation plus the preceding X-Rays, exams and CT scan had run up our Vet bill to a level we never thought possible. But instead of deciding against the operation and thereby deciding against Mac, we plunked down our credit card and went with it.
Mac had a severe sinus infect that threatened to eat away the cartilage separating the right and left sinuses, and not only that, it was in his inner ear and was giving him balance issues. We didn’t even want to guess at the pain and suffering he was going through, but we were sure it was great. What was curious, was the underlying cause of the massive build up of puss and material was not an infection, but an over production of keratin.

The single most important question we asked after the truth was revealed to us was: how do we prevent this from happening again?
The Vet’s answer was Omega 3: fish oil in the form of a softgel.

The vet had us buy the Derm Caps 10′s Petites for cats and Miniature breeds, but after a couple of years, we could not find them anymore. The manufacturer had stopped making them.

We went on to many other softgels but they were all too big for Mac to swallow; you’ve probably seen them: 1000 mg big oblong pills that are actually supposed to be for people.  Like us, you’ve probably even tried using these too on your cat or small dog.

But getting back to Mack, he not only was fighting us on the big pills, he didn’t like getting the fish oil spread over his food. He hated the taste so liquid was out.

We didn’t like giving him the big softgel, and we needed to keep giving him Omega 3, so we researched this problem until we found our solution: a small oval shaped Omega 3 that Mac could easily swallow.  We soon discovered that small dog owners loved it too and it was so easy for small dogs to swallow that it was almost like giving them a treat.

Our problem, became a search, which became a new product that we know helps other pet owners like us.Petite Pet Omega 3

We are happy to introduce to you Packenzie Petite Omega 3 Softgels; Stress Free Omega 3!
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  1. Scott Maohu says:

    Outstanding quest there. What occurred after? Thanks!

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