Stress Free Omega 3

Stress Free Omega 3 for Cats and Little Dogs
Itchy, irritated skin? Want healthier skin and fur coat for your little dog?  Try Packenzie Petite Pet Omega 3 – made especially for cats and little dogs with skin, coat, heart issues. This is a special sized softgel, about half the size of other pet omega 3 softgels. It’s  made especially for cats and little dogs. Most pet owners find that this is a very easy solution.

How Easy is This?
Just toss the Packenzie Petite Pet Omega 3 to your dog and they will  just gulp it down as if they were given a treat. What could be better? It’s good for cats and dogs because it’s easy to swallow and if it’s easy for them to swallow, that’s less fuss for you.

Why Does Packenzie Petite Omega 3 Work so Well?
If you find giving the omega 3 to be easy, and you can give them their omega 3 every day, then that’s win-win for you and your pet! Omega 3 is something that slowly builds up in the system and it’s best to maintain a certain level every day.

But I can get Omega 3 for small dogs from other places – can’t I?
They advertise that they have an Omega 3 for cats and small dogs, but most likely it’s going to be a 1000 mg oblong softgel and that’s just too big for most small dogs to swallow comfortably, and nearly impossible for a cat to get Packenzie Petite Omega 3 Size Comparisondown.

Look at our diagram. A 1000 mg Softgel is actually made for humans to use. Our 500 mg softgel is half the size andl is very easy for most small dogs to swallow, so easy it’s like giving them a treat.

Why Packenzie Petite Omega 3?
The Packenzie Petite Omega 3 is pure salmon oil. Nothing else has been added. The fatty acids are balanced with EPA acid  45 mg and DHA acid at 55 mg – that’s 100 mg total essential fatty acids, which is perfect for cats and small dogs under 10 lbs.  If your dog is a little bigger, you can give a 2nd pill and since the Packenzie Petite Omega 3 is so easy to give, giving the second pill is only a matter of tossing your little dog another one!

What about cats?
Cats are more challenging, but if you have to manually give your cat an Omega 3, because they do not like the liquid, this is as near a perfect solution as it gets. Cats can swallow this Pet Omega 3. Believe me, we know! We give our cat the Packenzie Petite Pet Omega 3 every day to prevent a serious sinus condition that resulted in a very costly operation four years ago. We are happy to say, he’s never had a relapse.

Why Omega 3?
Omega 3 is a great solution to all kinds of pet symptoms like itchy skin, dull fur, joint inflammation.  Even for unlikely trouble such as too much keratin production in the ear canal.

Why does Omega 3 supplements work so well in so many situations?
Probably because most pet commercial food lacks Omega 3, and are very heavily loaded in Omega 6 and 9.  Omega 3 is something that is very hard to maintain in the process used to make commercial pet food, so a supplement is the best way to get this essential ingredient.

Why Salmon Oil?
Salmon Oil is a great – single source Omega 3. Salmon is noted worldwide for it’s high levels of Omega 3 ( the brain food). Unlike Omega 3 made from flax or other vegetable sources, Salmon Omega 3 is very easy for your cat or small dog to metabolize. in other words; their bodies will absorb it.

Our Promise
Remember, Our products are Guaranteed – to be fresh, high quality and easy to use. Packenzie Petite Omega 3 is only available through Petite Pet Pills. So safe, it’s actually made for people. We stand behind every bottle we sell, so if you are not completely satisfied, return your product to us, and we’ll gladly give you a full refund.

Ready to Order?
No tax in all states, except California. Flat shipping of $4.99, usually delivers by USPS in 3-5 days.  No shipping on orders over $28.00! Our 2 pack is the best deal!  Our offer:
2 pack:  No shipping and save $4.66 on the quantity discount  – that’s $9.65 in total savings! See details!

fish oil for small dogs two pack

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